Post-Operative Instructions for Eye Muscle Surgery Adult Patients - Blackrock Eye Care
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Post-Operative Instructions for Eye Muscle Surgery Adult Patients

Post-Operative Instructions for Eye Muscle Surgery Adult Patients

  1. The eye(s) will be bloodshot and red following surgery. Some blood may be seen in tears or on the eyelashes for several days. This is expected. If the residue crusts on the lashes, use a clean facecloth, moistened in cool boiled water, to wipe it away. If the lids are matted shut, use your clean fingers to separate them and clean with a facecloth.
  2. The following medicines are to be used to the operative eye
    a. Pred Forte drops – four times per day
    b. Ofloxacin drops – four times per day
    c. Maxitrol ointment – at night
    **Wash hands before instilling eye drops.
    **Leave five minutes before inserting different eye drops.
  3. There will be some discomfort following surgery. Paracetamol will be sufficient enough for most pain. If you are still having pain, ask Ms. McCreery for further advice.
  4. Normal activity is allowed but use common sense. Swimming, jogging, gym workouts or any intense physical activity that causes repetitive forceful head movement should be avoided for 2-3 weeks.
  5. A common side effect of the strabismus surgery is nausea. Drink plenty of liquids and adhere to a light diet.
  6. Emergencies: if you experience severe pain, swelling, visual loss or excessive green ocular discharge call Ms. McCreery’s rooms at 01 2103653 during office hours or Blackrock Clinic at 01 2832222 after 5pm with any emergencies.
  7. Occasionally you may experience double vision after surgery. This is a temporary issue in the vast majority of cases.
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