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Laser Eye Surgery

Am I too young or old for treatment?

You must be 21 years old to have eye laser surgery. There is no upper age limit.

Is the treatment safe?

Eye laser surgery is very safe and has been performed many millions of times across the world. The rate of postoperative infection is 1:20,000 and should this occur is responsive to treatment

What does a laser assessment involve?

You will have specialized photographs taken of your eye by an ophthalmic technician followed by an eye exam to determine your suitability for laser eye surgery. Ms McCreery will then discuss the procedure and any potential risks.

The examination will involve dilatation of the pupils with eye drops. These eye drops will blur your vision and you will be unable to drive for a few hours after the examination.

How long do I stop contact lenses prior to assessment?

Please refrain from wearing soft lenses 1 week and hard lenses 2 weeks prior to your assessment.

How soon can I go back to work/driving?

Almost all patients are able to return to work within a few days, but prolonged reading may be bothersome for a week or so. You can drive as soon as you can see road signs clearly

How soon can I resume exercise?

Running and gym work can resume a few days after surgery. Swimming can be resumed with goggles in 4 weeks. Contact sports should be avoided for 6 weeks with Lasik and 2 weeks with PRK/LASEK.

I have a high prescription, does laser work?

Ms McCreery will determine whether your eye is treatable based on the strength of your prescription and your eye exam. If not suitable for laser eye surgery, you may be suitable for a Phakic IOL (implantable contact lens)

How long will laser last?

The natural process of aging means that everyone develops presbyopia (need for reading glasses) as they get older. In some people we will leave you near sighted in one eye to allow reading without glasses for a period of years. Almost everyone over 70 years old develops cataracts which will blur vision and require cataract surgery.

How good will my vision be after laser surgery?

Almost all patients (98%) will have vision as good as they had with contact lenses or glasses. However, each individual healing response to laser energy is different which can result in under or overcorrections requiring an Enhancement (top up) laser procedure. Some people can have an excellent result for many years and then slip some time later.

I have heard that night vision can be a problem after laser surgery. Is this so?

Everyone will experience some glare and haloes at night for a few weeks after laser eye surgery. With modern wavefront technology this is temporary and indeed once your eye has healed night vision is improved compared to what it was prior to surgery. As a result, this Customvue laser technology is allowed in pilots and astronauts.

Does laser hurt?

You will experience some grittiness immediately after the surgery which lasts for 12-24 hours. With surface treatment (PRK/LASEK) there is minor discomfort which is treated with pain medications and eye drops for 24 hours

When will I see clearly?

With LASIK your vision will be very good the next day and improve day on day. With PRK vision recovers at a slower pace and one week out is excellent.



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