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With PRK/LASEK Surgery it takes a little longer for vision to recover than with iLASIK. At 2-4 weeks the vision is equal with either procedure.
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PRK / Lasek

Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses

PRK / Lasek

PRK / LASEK surface laser treatment is an excellent  procedure for people with a low glasses prescription.

In PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) the surface of the cornea is re-shaped with the excimer laser by removing microscopic amounts of corneal tissue. The surface layer known as the epithelium is first removed, the laser is applied and the epithelium heals under a contact lens  within a few days.

LASEK is a further refinement of PRK. In LASEK the surface cells are not removed (as in PRK)  but are instead gently moved to the edge of the cornea. After the laser has reshaped the exposed corneal surface, the cells are moved back into place.

Visual results with PRK/LASEK are equal to LASIK

PRK and LASEK is frequently used in patients whose corneas that are deemed too thin for LASIK or for those who participate in contact sports.