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Dr. McCreery uses Pentacam© and Wavefront Scanning of your eye which provides a state of the art picture of your individual visual system. Read more.
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Wavefront Technology

Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses

Wavefront Technology

We use Pentacam© and wavefront scanning of your eye which provides a state of the art picture of your individual visual system. Using this technology a treatment can be customized to suit your individual eye.

Traditional LASIK corrects the prescription based on the patient’s glasses. Wavefront guided LASIK corrects the visual errors identified on a precise map of your visual system. A device called an abberometer maps minute focusing errors by measuring light waves traveling across the eye (wavefront). This technology was first used in space programmes.

Wavefront treatment customizes your treatment for your eye to correct both the basic and more subtle focusing errors providing superior results such as better night vision. This type of custom wavefront surgery is allowed in military pilots and astronauts.



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