Childrens Eyecare – Amblyopia – Lazy Eye – Glasses for Children
Blackrock Eye Care provides services in all types of ophthalmic conditions including Laser Eye Surgery, Cataracts, and Amblyopia. Read more here.
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Myopia Management

Advanced Intervention and Expertise for your Child's Vision


Myopia or short/near-sightedness is a common type of optical defocus. Progressive myopia is a term used when myopia progresses rapidly. Risk factors for the development of progressive myopia include genetic and environmental factors. Significant myopia results in an increased risk of ocular disease in adulthood including macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, and retinal detachment. Efforts to limit the progression of myopia reduce the risk of developing these pathologies later in life.

The interventions used to control the level of myopia can involve medical therapy and lifestyle changes. Medical myopia control intervention include atropine eye drops, and specialised spectacles and contact lenses. Lifestyle changes that can help reduce myopia progression include time spent outdoors in daylight, limiting intensive near work or screen time, taking regular breaks from near activities and increasing working distances for close work.

It has also been scientifically proven that two hours spent outdoors in normal bright daylight reduces the risk of myopia progression and all children should be encouraged to play outdoors every day in daylight.

When reading or working on a computer screen, one should take a 20 second break looking at an object in the the distance every 20 minutes “the 20/20/20 rule”.

At Blackrock Eye Care, we recommend atropine eye drops, specialised spectacle and contact lenses in the management of progressive myopia.