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Crosslinking Post-Operative Instructions

Crosslinking Post-Operative Instructions

It is extremely important to follow these instructions to achieve your best result following the crosslinking procedure.

Eye Drops:    Ensure you wash your hands prior to installing your eye drops.  When applying drops, make sure the nozzle of the bottle does not touch your eyes. Your drops can be used in any order but with at least two minutes between drops.  They may sting slightly initially, but they are very important and probably feel comforting soon after.

  1. Exocin (Antibiotic) – 1 drop four times daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime) for seven days.
  2. Pred Forte (Anti-inflammatory) – 1 drop four times daily (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime) for seven days.  Make sure to shake bottle before use.
  3. Artelac (Artificial tears) – Use the tears every two hours while awake for the next two weeks.  This moisture speeds recovery and stabilization of vision.
  4. Analgesia (Pain Medication) – Follow instructions as prescribed.
  5. Sleeping Tablet – Follow instructions as prescribed.

General information and instructions

It is common for the eye too water and feel gritty for the first few hours.  O promote quick healing of the surface of your eye, take a nap for 1-2 hours after you get home.  If you can’t sleep, listen to music or podcasts with your eyes closed. Do not try to read or use a computer.

Your eye will be sore for 1-2 days.  Therefore, take the analgesia and sleeping tablets prescribed by Ms. McCreery.  

When the crosslinking treatment is finished, a clear contact lens is placed on the eye to protect the cornea and make the eye more comfortable.  It is important not to rub the eye as this may remove the contact lens and make the eye sore. Ms. McCreery will remove this at your follow up appointment.

Please remember to be particularly careful to avoid having any foreign matter in the eye for two weeks.  This includes avoiding soap and water in the eye (you may need assistance to wash your hair). Do not wear eye make-up or other cosmetics around the eye.  Do not swim or get water in the eye for at least two weeks.  

Light sensitivity is normal.  You may need dark sunglasses for the first several days when you are out in bright sunshine.  It is recommended that you take 3-4 days off work.


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