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Post-operative instructions - Cataract surgery

1.Eye shield is to remain in place until seen by Dr. McCreery the day after surgery.

2.Starting the day of surgery the following drops are to be used:

(a) Pred Forte 1% four times per day
(b) Exocin four times per day
(c) Voltarol four times per day
Wash your hands before instilling eye drops.
Leave five minutes between inserting different eye drops.

3.Ocular protection: You must wear the eye shield at night for 2 weeks and wear your glasses or shield at all times during the day for 1 week. You may find the prescription in your glasses is not correct following the surgery, you will be given a new prescription at 2 – 4 weeks post-operatively.

4.Your vision will recover slowly, each day improving. Please cover your non-operated eye and evaluate your vision daily. If you notice any pain, green ocular discharge or vision loss, do not hesitate to call Dr. McCreery’s rooms at 01-2103653 or call the main Blackrock Clinic line at 01-2832222. They will get in touch with Dr. McCreery for you. Any of the above symptoms are potentially serious and should not be ignored.

5.Activities: You can shower and go about routine daily activities. Hair may be shampooed leaning backwards. If the eyelids are sticky, you may gently bathe the lids with cotton wool soaked in boiled, cooled water. Do not put dirty water in the eye. If you get some in accidentally, put a drop of Exocin (antibiotic) on the ocular surface. You should not lift heavy weights, bend or stoop, vacuum or do heavy housework for two weeks. Do not put your finger in your eye or rub it.

6.It is advisable to refrain for wearing make-up for 1 – 2 weeks.

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