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A cataract is clouding of the natural lens in your eye. The eyes lens focuses light to provide you with a clear image. With time the lens becomes cloudy, a process that progresses slowely as proteins in the lens degenerate.

What causes cataract?

The main cause for cataract is the normal aging process. Cataracts are also caused by diabetes, smoking, and injury to the eye. Cataracts usually result in a slowely progressive decrease in vision. People frequently say that they have difficulty with TV subtitles or reading. Certain types of cataract cause glare with night driving. Cataracts do not cause eye pain or sudden changes in vision.

Cataract Surgery

If the lens of the eye becomes cloudy (cataract) vision can only be recovered with a cataract operation. This is a very effective operation and is performed as outpatient surgery. It is most frequently done under local anaesthetic (with eye drops) and is not painful. The cataract is removed through a small incision in the eye and the eyes cataractous lens is replaced with an implantable lens which is injected into the eye. Cataract surgery is highly successful with 95% of people experiencing no side effects of the surgery.

Postoperative Care;

A shield is placed over the eye to prevent eye rubbing and potential damage to the incision. Drops are used both before and after the surgery to prevent infection and inflammation after the surgery. You will need to be seen on a few occasions after your surgery the first visit being on the first postoperative day. Drops are continued in a tapering fashion over one month. Glasses are often required after cataract surgery and are prescribed 3 to 4 weeks after the operation.

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