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General Eye Care
Treating AMD

Unfortunately, at this time there is no single proven treatment for the dry form of AMD. However, a large scientific study has shown that antioxidant vitamins and zinc may reduce the impact of AMD in some people by slowing its progression toward more advanced stages.

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) showed that among people at high risk for developing wet AMD (such as those who have large amounts of drusen or who have significant vision loss in at least one eye), taking a dietary supplement of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene, along with zinc, lowered the risk of AMD progressing to advanced stages by about 25 %. The daily supplements also reduced the risk of vision loss for those at risk by about 19 %. The supplements did not appear to provide a benefit for people with minimal AMD or people without evidence of AMD during the course of the study.

Treating wet AMD

Treating the wet form of AMD may involve the use of anti-VEGF treatment or thermal laser treatment. Treatment of wet AMD generally reduces the risk of severe vision loss, but it does not eliminate this risk.

Anti-VEGF treatment

A common way to treat wet AMD targets a specific chemical in your body that causes abnormal blood vessels to grow under the retina. That chemical is called vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF.

This anti-VEGF drug is injected directly to your eye by an ophthalmologist in an outpatient procedure. Before the procedure, your ophthalmologist will clean your eye to prevent infection and will use an anaesthetic to numb your eye with a very fine needle. You may receive multiple anti-VEGF injections over the course of many months.

Occasionally laser therapy may be used as a therapy for wet AMD.

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