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Kamra Inlay
Kamra Inlay

The answer to improving your near vision and becoming less dependent on reading glass.

The KAMRA Inlay can help restore everyday near vision, whilst maintaining distance vision, and once again give patients the freedom to enjoy most “everyday” activities without having to reach for their reading glasses.

What is presbyopia?

Over time, the natural lens in your eye, which is normally elastic and flexible, begins to stiffen. This makes it difficult for the lens to automatically change its shape, and bring near objects into focus. As a result, your near vision is blurred. To compensate, you likely find yourself moving the newspaper, mobile or menu farther away in an effort to bring print and other small objects into focus.

BEFORE: When the natural focusing ability of the eye diminishes, near vision becomes blurry.

How KAMRA works

KAMRA Vision is a surgical procedure which enhances your lifestyle by reducing the frustrating effects of presbyopia and the hassle of reading glasses and contacts.

The Kamra is a donought shaped disc with a central diameter of 1.6mm and an external diameter of 3.8mm. The central opening only allows the central rays to pass through and cuts out the peripheral rays that are blurring the view. It thereby increases the depth of focus and improves the near vision abilities. The inlay is 5 microns thick. ( A human hair is 80 to 100 microns thick.)

The Kamra inlay is implanted under a LASIK flap . The Kamra is implanted into one eye only and this is the eye that then enjoys the enhanced near vision. The distance vision remains very good. The procedure is also reversible: for anyone who does not like the result, the inlay can be removed.

AFTER: With the KAMRA inlay, unfocused light is blocked, making near vision clear.

What Benefits can I expect?

You can expect:
  • Less dependency on reading glasses
  • Improved clarity when performing everyday activities, such as reading the newspaper, a text message, the laptop screen, food labels, price tags, receipts or other such items you may encounter on a daily basis
  • The KAMRA Inlay is proven to be safe and effective with over a decade of research

Suitability for this procedure can be determined following a thorough assessment by Dr. McCreery.

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