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Strabismus “Squint”

Strabismus is a misalignment of the eye muscles so that the two eyes are oriented in different directions. Strabismus may be caused by optical defocusing or weak eye muscles and treatment depends on the cause. Eyes may be turned inwards called Esotropia or outwards or Exotropia. Strabismus occurs in 4% of children and if left untreated can result in loss of vision in the deviating eye.

trabismus may occur in infancy, later in childhood or in adulthood. Strabismus occurring in adults for the first time may be associated with other diseases including diabetes, thyroid disease and high blood pressure to name a few.

Treatment of strabismus includes some and occasionally all of the following, glasses, patching and surgery.

Poor vision in children can lead to poor performance in school, difficulty learning, low self-esteem and poor socialization skills. Correction of strabismus be it with glasses or surgery improves self-image and confidence in both children and adults

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