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Childrens Eyecare
Nasolacrimal Postoperative Instruction
Probing of the Nasolacrimal System with or without Tubes

  1. Your child has undergone probing of the nasolacrimal system. This procedure is not painful and symptoms of tearing and discharge usually resolve in the first few days after surgery. It is common for there to be some minor nasal bleeding following this surgery. This is not harmful and will resolve within days
  2. Occasionally tubes are placed in the nasolacrimal system if the bony opening at the distal end of the system is felt to be tight during surgery. If this is the case you may see a clear plastic tube run from the upper to the lower lid at the inner corner of the eye. This is not irritating to the eye in this position. Tubes remain in position for a variable period of time (1- 4 months) and are removed in the clinic without difficulty. Please do not attempt to touch the tube as this may loosen it.
  3. In approximately 10% of children the tube will spontaneously extrude and a clear plastic loop of tubing will be visible at the inner corner of the eye. If this occurs tape the loop to the bridge of the nose and contact the Dr McCreery at 2103653 or the Eye Clinic 01-4096349. Arrangements will be made to bring your child in to have the tubes removed in the clinic.
  4. Postoperative drops are frequently prescribed after this surgery. Apply to the operated eye 3-4 times per day. If you feel that the drop did not touch the surface of the eye give another drop. This will not cause any harm. If tubes are placed in the eye during surgery please take care not to pull the eyelids apart.

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